West Flanders Group from Belgium Visited San Dionisio Credit Cooperative

Late afternoon of December 11, 2017, guests from the province of West Flanders in Belgium visited San Dionisio Credit Cooperative (SDCC) and some of its members engaged in SSEs (Small-Scaled Enterprises). The visit was part of the proposed synergy project between the Province of West Flanders and selected partners in the Philippines. A fruitful exchange of ideas occurred between the West Flanders Group and the SDCC Board of Directors led by Dr. Garibaldi O. Leonardo, DBA, SDCC Chairperson, and officers of the Business Unit led by Ms. Cielito L. Garrido,MBA, SDCC CEO.  
 The visitor’s delegation was composed of the following:
* Deputy Jean de Bethune - Economy and Regional Development, External
Relations and North-South Policy, Equal Opportunities,

* Jan Dessein - Coordinator, West Flanders World House
* Ann Tavernier - Director, Economy and International Cooperation,
Province of West Flanders
* Dirk de Temmerman - Initiatives in the South, West Flanders World
* Tine Ternest - Institutional Coordinator Internationalisation, Vives
* Kurt Debaere - Coordinator, Howest Outreach (North-South Cooperation)

From Vives (with corresponding field of expertise):
* Anne-Marie Berghman, Marketing and Business Management
* Annelies Kempnick, Business Management
* Isabelle Degezelle, Agro and Biotechnology
* Geert Furniere, Coordinator International Programs

From Howest:
* Bart Leenknegt, Research Director
* Corneel Theben-Tervile, Applied Computer Science
* Jurgen Ceuppens, Industrial Product Design
* Herman Kiesel, Network Economics

Philippine Synergy Partners:
* Bubut D. Palattao - West Flanders Project Coordinator
* Gudrun Cartuyvels - Country Director, Trias Philippines

Additional Photo
West Flanders Group from Belgium Visited San Dionisio Credit Cooperative