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St. Dionysius or San Dionisio or Tata Dune as the residents of San Dionisio would fondly call their patron saint, was a Bishop from France who was beheaded by his persecutors.

It is said that after they cut his head off, it rolled and stood on top of a bible and St. Dionysius carried his head and walked about 6 kilometers. Inspired by the patron saint of San Dionisio, our cooperative bears the name of St. Dionysius, who was particularly known for his perseverance and his missionary zeal. If it were any coincidence, the new Vision and Mission of SDCC is about uplifting the quality of life of its members and their community. Last June 4, 2011, SDCC held a blessing of Tata Dune's newly acquired statue, followed by a procession within Brgy. San Dionisio. This came after the Sportsfest's closing awarding ceremony and awarding which was held also at the San Dionisio Chapel. Viva San Dionisio!!!