Another rare opportunity came about, last September 8, 2012 when another “Titan” from the cooperative movement visited SDCC – she is the first ever to be elected woman President of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) in November 2009, Ms. Dame Pauline Green of United Kingdom. As part of the IYC celebration, SDCC presented its history, key success factors and its coop brand or identity, the WISE MENTOR.

Ms. Pauline was impressed when she found out that SDCC’s Board of Directors and Officers receive no honorarium or per diem. She commended our unmatched dedication to service, cooperativism and the strong spirit of volunteerism. Ms. Pauline admired our hospitality and gave positive comments on the unprecedented service of SDCC to its valued members and she was amazed on how our members patronize and support our services and on the SDCC cause of providing total human development. In her message, she encouraged our SDCC Board of Directors and Officers to continue their good deeds for it is high time, she said, to make the cooperatives fit and ready for globalization and specifically to focus on three key elements – offer the opportunity for business synergies among co-ops around the world; enhance representation in global institutions; and develop a centre of excellence for global co-operative knowledge and information.

Ms. Pauline Green’s personal ambition is to achieve recognition for the co-operative model of business among the global institutions so that the movement will continue to grow and expand in the coming decades. She will share SDCC’s experiences to other cooperatives as an example of the true spirit of volunteerism. To Ms. Pauline Green, we are proud and honored for the opportunity of being the first local cooperative to have been visited by you. This will be another milestone for SDCC. More power to you! More power to ICA! More power to SDCC! Mabuhay!