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A. Policy/Guidelines:


1. The rentable SDCC premises are Seminar Room A to C located at the 2nd floor, PT Hall located at the 3rd floor and the Multi-Purpose Court at the back of the SDCC Building.

2. Seminar Rooms maybe rented for meetings, conferences, seminars only, PT Hall and the Multi-Purpose Court is for receptions, parties, big meetings, sports & cultural activities and other community activities.

3. The use or rental of SDCC premises is open to members, non-members and different organizations.

4. Members will be given priority and special rates than non-members or organizations.


*Member means SDCC members, spouse of member, parents of member, siblings of member, children and grandchildren/grandparent of member.


5. Activities to be held at all rentable areas shall be legal and moral.

6. Rentable premises cannot be used or rented for wake (burial) and gambling (except for Bingo).

7. Use or rent of Seminar rooms & PT Hall is limited up to 12 midnight only, except on exceptional cases as approved by the Chief Executive Officer, and the use of SDCC gym/court is up to 10 pm only.

8. SDCC is not responsible for any untoward incidents (loss or damage) that may occur in the premises while being rented.

9. As a general rule, liquor and other hard drinks are not allowed inside the premises.

10. Guns, deadly weapons and prohibited drugs are not allowed inside the premises.

11. Cooking and washing of dishes inside the premises is not allowed.

12. All SDCC Premises are “NO SMOKING ZONE.”

13. Users of SDCC premises and its facilities shall maintain the cleanliness and orderliness during and after the affair.

14. Damage to SDCC properties that occurred during the affair/activity shall be charged to user/renter.

15. The application for the use/rent of SDCC premises shall be approved by the Chief Executive Officer. The application form shall include, among others, the name of the applicant, contact person (if organization), address, contact number/s, purpose of the affair and date and duration of the affair.

16. Minimum charge is the rate equivalent to four (4) hours, except for sports activity, minimum charge is equivalent to two (2) hours.

17. Free one (1) hour prior to the affair for setting-up and free one (1) hour after the affair for packing-up or cleaning up and an additional deposit for one (1) hour will be required, which is refundable within two to three days after the event.

18. Free use of water dispenser and airpot in the seminar rooms, but drinking/mineral water shall be paid or provided by the renter.

19. The SDCC Management, through its Chief Executive Officer or his/her representative, may inspect the premises during the activity/affair and shall have the right to stop and/or cancel the on going activity/affair if he/she sees that the welfare or best interest of SDCC is jeopardized.

20. Any violation of the above mentioned policy/guidelines, SDCC has the option to eject the renter anytime.

21. A copy of these policy/guidelines shall be part of the contract between SDCC and renter.


B. Rental Rates:

B.1 Multi-Purpose Court

  • For Member P340/hr
  • Non Member P400/hr
  • Senior Citizen (member) P270/hr
  • Senior Citizen (non member) P320/hr
  • EDSD (for the electricity & water) P100/hr
  • EDSD Students (Related to any School Activity) P100/hr
  • EDSD Students (Not related to any School Activity) P300/hr
  • SDCC staff (for the electricity & water) P100/hr


B.2 Seminar Rooms/Functions Rooms (Satellite)

  • SDCC Member
  • Seminar Room A P2,600 for 8 hours (P325 per hour / fixed rate)
  • Seminar Room B P2,600 for 8 hours (P325 per hour / fixed rate)
  • Seminar Room C P1,700 for 8 hours (P212.50 per hour / fixed rate)
  • Non SDCC Member
  • Seminar Room A P3,000 for 8 hours (P375 per hour / fixed rate
  • Seminar Room B P3,000 for 8 hours (P375 per hour / fixed rate)
  • Seminar Room C P2,000 for 8 hours (P250 per hour / fixed rate)


B.3 Pook Tulungan Hall (without Aircon)

  • SDCC Member P450/hour + 500 (for fixed overhead)
  • Non SDCC Member P500/hour + 500 (for fixed overhead)

NOTE: Excluding use of Sound System and of electric outlet


C. Other Terms and Conditions:

C.1 Rental Rates for Seminar Rooms include use of sound system.

C.2 Use of SDCC Sound System P3,500 for four (4) hours

C.2 Use of outlets P100/hr

C.3 Use of Outlet (bring own sound system) P150/hr

C.4 Projector Unit P 500/use

C.5 Rent of Chairs / (with Cloth) P5/piece (P10/piece)

C.6 Rent of table / (with Cloth) P30/piece (P60/piece)

C.7 In excess of 8 hours, pro-rata or per hour computation will apply.

C.8 A fraction of an hour is considered one (1) hour.

C.9 Not related to school activity:

  • Any activity of EDSD student among themselves and with outsiders.

C.10 Senior Citizen

  • Beneficiary or host of the event is a Senior Citizen
  • Any Actitivity of Senior Citizens group

C.11Fixed Overhead (Staff assigned) P500.00



For Reservation /Availability of Schedule, please look for:



Deposit & Other Product Officer/EOM Support Staff


0922-7685239 ; 820-1748

826-6726; 826-1055




478-8441; 556-2285