A Treasure

Since 1961, San Dionisio Credit Cooperative has been headed and managed by some of the more brilliant leaders in Parañaque. As we all know, being an officer of SDCC can be a very tough and challenging task, generally characterized by long-drawn meetings and seminars left and right, together with other similarly tedious activities.

Among the known families in San Dionisio is the Cruz family, some members of which have been actively involved in the leadership of SDCC over the years, despite the demands that the tasks entail: Damaso L Cruz Jr. - former Chairman of our cooperative and currently the Chairman of the Advisory Council; Perseverando L. Cruz, former Board Member of both SDCC and Escuela De San Dionisio (EDSD); their sister, Corazon Cruz Oliva - former Vice Chairman of our cooperative and Chairman of the Education and Training Committee; and their oldest brother, Mr. Victor L. Cruz, CPA, - who was Board Member and Treasurer in 1985 until 1986. Mr. Victor L. Cruz passed away last August 19, 2010 due to emphysema .

During his time, he suggested to the Board of Directors the putting up of a retirement fund for the SDCC employees. His contribution to our cooperative continues to be enjoyed by the employees to this very day. Mr. Cruz was a very active Board Member and is particularly remembered for his analytical skills. Being a CPA, he brought our cooperative to a more liquid state during his term. His talent, dedication and leadership were also recognized by the government sector. In 1986, he was appointed as Vice-Mayor of Parañaque. He had to resign as Treasurer of our coop to join the local government unit. His purpose in life has been fully achieved by serving well not only his immediate family but also his brothers and sisters in the cooperative and his constituents in Parañaque. A person full of passion and integrity, he was - and is - truly a treasure....

May his soul now rest in peace, in the company of the angels and saints.