Savings Deposits, Time Deposits, and Alkansya ko sa COOP

Savings Deposits and Time Deposits are two of the services we offer to all our members and special depositors. All members and special depositors can deposit and withdraw their savings deposits anytime during office hours. The interest rate for savings deposits is 2% p.a.,exempt from withholding tax. The interest is computed daily, compounded quarterly. A minimum of P1,000 savings deposit is required in order to earn interest. All members have their own passbooks in order for them to monitor their savings deposits.

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Our project called “ALKANSYA KO SA KOOP” was developed with the objective of teaching our members the habit of thrift. For new members, the “alkansya” is given free; suceeding issuances will be at a minimal fee.

Alkansya is a small coin bank that a member can store his extra coins in. Once full, he can bring it to the office where it will be opened and the coins contained therein will be counted. The member can then opt to either put his saved money in his savings deposit account, add to his share capital, pay his outstanding loan or pay contribution dues.

A lot of members enjoy bringing their alkansyas to the coop. They say that through the alkansya, they are able to complete their paid-up share capital.

Tayo na, mag-alkansya na tayo!.
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