San Dionisio Credit Cooperative is Hall-Of-Famer at the 8th Salambao Awards for Business Excellence!!!


The 8th Salambao Awards night was held last August 19, 2011 at the Forum Hall of PAGCOR, Paranaque City. San Dionisio Credit Cooperative was given the Hall of Fame Award for Business Excellence under the Large Enterprise Category. An on-going project of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Paranaque City, this is a biennial search for the city’s most outstanding enterprises. The awards are a perfect tribute to establishments that continuously help drive Paranaque City’s growth and which through their endeavors constantly exemplify the qualities of the Salambao of old Paranaque, making them truly worthy icons of business excellence.

The “Salambao Awards” have been in existence since 1999. Subsequently, Salambao recognitions were awarded in 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007.

Salambao is an indigenous Filipino fishing craft the gracefully arching silhouette of which once dominated the Paranaque skyline. Basically a raft with a net that hung like a giant sieve from two towering bamboo poles, it ruled the estuaries of Manila Bay when Paranaque was still a rustic fishing village. Working like a primitive but undeniably indigenous (and definitely more environment-friendly) trawler, it made coastal fishing more efficient, thus boosting the local fishing community’s productivity and, for many years, helped the town’s early economic growth.

For Urban Paranaque, the era of the Salambao is long gone but the qualities that made this ancient fishing craft so valuable in the past continue to be the hallmarks of success for modern business… Ingenious, Efficient, Productive and perfectly Attuned to the Environment.

The following are the rules and criteria for selecting Salambao awardees:

The “Salambao Awards for Excellence in Business” is open to establishments with the head office or branch located in and paying business and/or income taxes in the City of Paranaque, and actively involved in a business that greatly impacts on the local business community.

The establishment must be duly registered with the appropriate government agency (the SEC for corporations and partnerships, the DTI for single proprietorships, and the CDA for cooperatives).

If the establishment is qualified, the applicant must sign the commitment form attesting to all the facts therein, giving consent to the publication of said facts and indicating its willingness to attend the Salambao Awards Night if adjudged an awardee.


  • Customer & Market Focus

  • Workforce Engagement

  • Process Improvement

  • Financial Outcome

  • Social Responsibility

  • Governance


The selection process starts with an extensive preliminary screening by the Salambao Awards Committee based on the commitment form and support documents submitted and a self-assessment survey form which the applicants are required to accomplish. Those who pass the preliminary screening will be subject to an on-site assessment.

Salambao Awards will be given to companies whose aggregate scores fall within the prescribed cut-off scores for the competition category to which they belong.

Congratulations to San Dionisio Credit Cooperative!!! Mabuhay!!!