Pre-School/ Elementary/ High School

Philosophy and Goals

Escuela de San Dionisio recognizes the importance to a child of a secure and challenging foundation as the beginning of this educational process. EDSD provides developmentally appropriate programs as it assists in the unfolding of each child's potential and nurturing of a love for learning. The educational program is directed towards the growth of the person as a whole; his emotional, physical, social intellectual, and spiritual well-being, thereby preparing the child for responsible adulthood. EDSD achieves this through its learning environment that stresses the uniqueness of each individual, a respect for God, for himself and others, and the making of a responsible citizen striving for excellence through personal descipline and teamwork with others.

The Mission Statement

The mission of Escuela de San Dionisio is to provide each student with an affordable education of the highest quality; one that fosters a balanced life from a creative and innovative learning climate that drives the learner to become a competent, productive, caring and responsible citizen striving for his nation's welfare under God's divine guidance. Its unique feature is its sustained stress on cooperativism as a way of life.

The Student Population

The number of SDCC members who have patronized the school and sent their children to EDSD has been increasing. The population of the school has increased yearly. See. Table A.

The Government Permit Issued

The School's Nursery, Kinder, Prep and Elementary Grades 1-6 are recognized by DEPED while the recognition of the High School is being processed. See Table B.

Requirement for Admission in Table C.

Table A.



# of Enrolees


Grade School

High School

2003-2004 165 165 - -
2004-2005 257 184 73 -
2005-2006 349 174 175 -
2006-2007 421 151 256 14
2007-2008 524 145 319 60
2008-2009 547 125 330 92
2009-2010 625 134 338 153
2010-2011 707 129 373 205


Table B.



Goverment Permit


Nursery & Kinder Course No. P-043 s, 2005 Recognized
Complete Elementary Course No. E-016 s, 2008 Recognized
Secondary Course I & II No. S-0284 s, 2008 Permit to Operate
Secondary Course I & II No. S-0008 s, 2010 Renewal
Secondary Course I & III No. S-0009 s, 2010 Permit to Operate


Table C.



Grade School and High School

Entrance Test Baptismal and NSO Birth Certificate Form 138 (Grade School and High School) 2x2 Photos (2 copies) Certificate of Good Moral Character Entrance Test Nursery 3.6 to 4.5 years old Kindergarten 4.6 to 5.5 years old Preparatory 5.6-6.5 years old
Contact: Administrative Office; 0530 Quirino Avenue, San Dionisio, Paranaque City
Telephone No: (632) 788-0310
Fax No: (632) 820-1952