Our Back-to-School Loan Program is Back!!!!

With October fast approaching, you - as working students or as parents with children who are presently enrolled, or about to enroll this coming semester - are once again in a frantic mode to look for additional financial options that will help you fund your educational needs.

Now here’s the “GOOD NEWS”! Our Back-to-School Loan Program (BSLP) is back! In a move to help ease the plight of a majority of our members, San Dionisio Credit Cooperative is again offering the BSLP. This program, which is being offered twice a year, is designed to assist members who are faced with additional financial burdens every time a school year or school semester opens.

The BSLP, which falls under the regular loan category, will be considered as a special type of loan and will be classified as an “educational loan”. However, the loan can only be availed of for the specific purpose of funding the educational needs of a member or a member’s children and relatives.