The Newly Improved “Numbering System”

From cut-out cardboard papers to thermal papers, there is a conspicuously significant improvement in our queuing system. With the help of Smart's Q System, our new numbering system was implemented on January 25, 2011. Members of San Dionisio Credit Cooperative before were uncomfortable with the big cardboards containing their queuing numbers and sometimes, they would even unintentionally brought these home. But today’s numbering system provides great ease for our members. They can now enjoy watching their favorite T.V. programs without fearing that their numbers will be overlooked. It’s because their numbers are already in the monitor, too.

Numbering System

According to Mrs. Elizabeth L. Villaruz (from PT 39-A), “it turned out to be a good idea, before it was very inconvenient getting a number and you’ll have to wait for the cardboard numbers to be available;” Jonalyn Pinca (from San Francisco St. Tramo II), said that “it’s ok I can watch my favorite T.V. program while waiting to be called;” Evazeline M. Brevano (from PT 52-B) said that “it’s very orderly and it’s faster;” at first, she was confused how the system goes but later she has gotten used to it.
This is one innovation aimed at serving the members better.