The National Convergence of Billionaire and Top Millionaire Cooperatives was held last June 16-17, 2014 at the Skylight Convention Center, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. SDCC as one of the billionaire coops in the Philippines, through its Chairperson Garibaldi O. Leonardo, DBA, Vice-Chairperson Elvira S. Dandan & CEO Cielito L. Garrido, MBA, participated in the said convergence. The event was organized by the Cooperative Development Authortity (CDA), a regulating body that governs the cooperative sector.

     The convergence aimed to initiate cooperative integration and encourage the formation of one national federation. Among the topics discussed are the benefits of organizing into one cooperative federation, advantages of establishing a liquidity/stabilization fund, economic and social value of integration thru merger and consolidation in order to be competitive, importance of voluntary arbitration, ethics to be observed in establishing a cooperative branch/satellite office and the need for e-coop trade.


     This gathering is a clear sign of the active participation of top cooperatives across the country that will further strengthen the coops’ ability to develop new services and ensure the continuous growth of the organization for the members and for the nation.

       To all the delegates of this event, more power and Mabuhay !!