Issuance of Share Capital Certificates

Share Capital Certificate

Good news! Share Capital Certificates are now available for distribution to all members starting February 7, 2011. Each share capital certificate certifies that a member is a “share holder” in our Cooperative. It can be used as collateral for loan availment, and in case of withdrawal of his/her membership. The Share Capital Certificate cannot be sold to others and “negotiable” only with San Dionisio Credit Cooperative. The first issuance of the certificate is based on a member's Share Capital (by the thousands, divided into number of shares at P100.00 par value/share) as of June 30, 2010. An affidavit of loss must be submitted, in case of loss. 

In claiming the SDCC Share Capital Certificate, the member shall present his/her SDCC I.D. or any valid I.D. However, the member may authorize someone to claim the Share Capital Certificate with a letter of authorization, together with the member’s I.D. and the I.D. of the authorized person.
The distribution of Share Capital Certificates is scheduled per account number on the following dates:
01-00001 TO 05-02500 FEBRUARY 07 - 12, 2011
06-02501 TO 10-05000 FEBRUARY 21 - 26, 2011
11-05001 TO 15-07500 MARCH 07 - 12, 2011
16-07501 TO 20-10000 MARCH 21 - 26, 2011
21-10001 TO 25-12500 APRIL 04 - 09, 2011
26-12501 TO 30-16000 APRIL 25 - 30, 2011
31-16001 TO 35-19000 MAY 09 - 14, 2011
For further inquiries, look for Mrs. Cecilia D. Dela Pena, Deposit Product Officer - Account Management and Member Relations Department, or call 826-1055 or 788-0308.