History of San Dionisio Credit Cooperative

During the scouting activity of the Rover Scouts in Corregidor and Bataan, Fr. Walter Hogan asked those coming from San Dionisio what activities were being undertaken by the group in their community. They responded that based on the Rover Scouts' doctrine, their activities revolved around service, love of God & love of country.

The Rover Scouts

Thus, such community projects as artesian wells, playgrounds, basketball courts and cleanliness of environment were realized.

Fr. Hogan introduced the concept of Cooperatives which the group agreed with. One of the Rover Scouts who was also a member of an institutional cooperative, introduced the group to Fr. Gaston Duchesneau, a Jesuit priest who was then the director of the Institute of the Social Order (ISO).

Dr. Angel Mendoza, who was a barrio lieutenant at that time, called for an assembly to address the needs of the community, particularly the need for organizing a cooperative. Although many of those present agreed, there were also those who were against the concept because most of them were already old and thus not up to the task anymore. Mr. Jaime Ferrer, a strict disciplinarian, who was a leader of the Hunter’s ROTC guerrillas in Parañaque and a colleague of Dr. Angel Mendoza in Club Tamorgo, boosted the morale of those who were interested.

There were forty five (45) participants who attended the seminar for nine (9) consecutive Fridays, only twenty eight (28) of whom were able to finish it. The speaker of the said seminar was Fr. Gaston Duchesneau, assisted by St. Andrew Asst. Parish Priest, Fr. Francis Witizelae.

St. Andrew's Church

At last, San Dionisio Cooperative Credit Union, Inc. (SDCCUI) was organized on July 28, 1961 by the twenty eight (28) founding members with three hundred eighty (P 380.00) pesos as starting capital. It was subsequently registered with the Cooperative Administration Office (CAO) on September 8, 1961.




The name San Dionisio Cooperative Credit Union, Inc. was named after the Patron Saint of Bgy. San Dionisio,   St. Dionysius .








The Founding Members

At first, the CAO was reluctant to register SDCCUI, because of the provision in the by-laws about minor depositors. It was also the first time ever that a community cooperative was organized. Later, however, the CAO agreed.

On October 4, 1973 San Dionisio Cooperative Credit Union Inc. was re-registered with the Bureau of Agricultural Cooperatives Development (BACOD). Later on, the cooperative was re-registered with the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) under R.A. 6938 and 6939 bearing the name San Dionisio Credit Cooperative (SDCC).

On October 16, 2009, SDCC was again registered with the CDA under R.A. 9520, also known as the Philippine Cooperative Code of 2008.

It may be worthwhile to note that with the help of the Varsitarians, a Parañaque civic club, the neighboring barangays of San Dionisio such as Tambo, Don Galo, Sto.Niño, La Huerta and Las Piñas were motivated to organize their own cooperatives during the early 60’s.