The Growing Process

When San Dionisio Credit Cooperative (SDCC) was formed, there were negative attitudes like: “Walang humawak ng palayok na hindi naulingan ang kamay” Nobody borrows from a cooperative; and the issue on credibility.

However, SDCC was able to overcome those problems and challenges under the stewardship of Mr. Herminio C. Hernandez in his capacity as General Manager. In 1961, upon the request of the Board of Directors, he started with his voluntary service for 11 years up to 1972. He then gave up his well-paying job as an accountant in a shipping firm to work for the cooperative as its full-time General Manager, even with a lower compensation.


Herminio C. Hernandez
General Manager (1961 – 2000)

The following are the factors that contributed to the slow but sure growth of San Dionisio Credit Cooperative:

  1. Adherence to the Coop Philosophy and Principles
  2. Transparency of the officers and management
  3. Strong spirit of volunteerism
  4. Bottom-up principle

At present, San Dionisio Credit Cooperative is one of the oldest and most successful cooperatives in the Philippines, and is an outstanding example of a true-blooded cooperative that practices good governance thru its structure, systems, policies and programs. It is a cooperative that is committed to serve its members and community with integrity.

Parañaque City

  • 9.5 Km South of Rizal Monument
  • Pasay on the North
  • Muntinlupa on the Southeast
  • Las Piñas on the Southwest
  • Manila bay on the West
  • Taguig on the East
  • Makati on the Northeast
  • 46.57 square kilometer the 3rd largest city in NCR.
  • Sub-divided into two (2) districts.
  • Composed of 16 Barangays

Total Population = 656,289 (as of Jan. 2010)

Source: City of Pque Local Development Plan.


  • Barangay San Dionisio
  • San Isidro
  • San Antonio
  • B.F.

Total Population of 4 Barangays = 254,289 (as of 2007)

Source: City of Pque Local Development Plan.