1. Dependent of SDCC member (up to 3rd degree of consanguinity and affinity), 18 years old and above but not exceeding 60 years of age, Filipino Citizen and in sound mind.

    1.1. If the applicant for associate member is a renter, at least two (2) years renting at the given address.

    1.2.  Applicant for Associate Member residing at the frozen area will not be accepted (Policy for membership at “frozen area” shall prevail)

    1.3. The “mother goose” (the recommending member) must be MIGS (Member In Good Standing). For Non-MIGS “mother goose”, the applicant for Associate Member must wait until “mother goose” becomes MIGS.

1.4. An endorsement by the “mother goose”, that he/she will be responsible for the applicant for Associate Member as part of the requirement.

2. Applicants for Associate Member will undergo Pre-Membership Seminar (with revised duties and responsibilities) and Membership Education Seminar (revised for Associate Member only).

3. Term of being an Associate Member is up to two (2) years. The Associate Member is required to pay the minimum Share Capital of Php 1,000.00 for a maximum term of four (4) months, whether he/she will avail a loan or not.

4. Can avail of loan – Account Management System policy will prevail. Maximum term of the loan is up to two (2) years or the remaining term as an Associate Member, whichever is shorter.

    4.1. An Associate Member can avail of loan (collateralized) equivalent to 50% of his/her Credit Limit but up to maximum amount of Php 100,000.00 only.

    4.2. If the Associate Member will avail of loan amounting to Php 50,000.00 below, the required paid up Share Capital must be Php 7,500.00 and for loan availment of Php 50,000.00 and up (not exceeding Php 100,00.00) the required Share Capital of the Associate Member must be Php 15,000.00, in preparation for full fledge membership.

    4.3. For an Associate Member residing outside the sphere of operation as stated in the by-laws, “mother goose” will be required to act as co-maker to the Associate Member in case of loan availment.


5. Associate Members will also have their own semi-annual or annual assembly.

6. After the two year term, the Associate Member has the option to apply for full fledge membership. Non-application for full fledge membership will mean automatic termination of membership as an Associate Member.