During the Cooperative Month Celebration held last October 26, 2012 at the SDCC Bldg., Dr. Garibaldi O. Leonardo revealed the first batch of SDCC’s WISE MENTORs. Before calling out their names, he first reiterated that WISE is an acronym for Will and Integrity to Serve Efficiently, Effectively and Ethically. He said further that for us to be able to do this, we need to possess the qualities contained in the other acronym, MENTOR: Morally-driven, Experienced in cooperative undertakings, Nurturing, Trustworthy, Open and Responsive. He then added that we are not flaunting that we are wise mentors, in a literal sense. Rather, WISE MENTOR is the distinctive mark, brand or cooperative identity that we would want to be associated not only with SDCC but also with each of its members, wherever he or she goes. Lastly, he clarified that induction to the WISE MENTOR circle will not be limited to the officers and staff. Each and every member is potentially a Wise Mentor. More detailed mechanics on how one gets qualified for inclusion in the WISE MENTOR circle will soon be disseminated. At this juncture, though, the general rating scale being used is indicated below:

WISE MENTOR Levels ((in a scale up to a maximum of 3):


WM 3 - 2.5 to 3

WM 2 - 2.25 to below 2.5

WM 1 - 2.0 to below 2.25


Inductees to the circle are, at the very least, expected to serve as role models for the other members to emulate. Eventually, Wise Mentor clinics (discussion groups) will be set up, wherein advice can be sought by SDCC members from the Wise Mentors on coop-related concerns.


Failure to make it to the Wise Mentor circle, especially at the first instance, should not discourage anyone. Instead, it should be taken as a challenge to improve oneself in order to make it to the circle and/or to move up to the next bracket.


It is fervently hoped that this first batch of Wise Mentors will spark off the propagation of the WISE MENTOR way of life. Certainly, we all look forward to subsequent batches of Wise Mentors, and in increasing numbers at that!


Those who made it to the first batch are as follows:





Ismael M. Allanigue

Damaso L. Cruz, Jr.

Perseverando L. Cruz

Elvira S. Dandan

Maria Nelia Rafaela G. De Leon

Cielito L. Garrido, MBA

Herminio C. Hernandez

Garibaldi O. Leonardo, Ph.D.

Evelyn R. Luching

Felipe L. Perida, Jr.

Carmelita C. Sabino

Nonila S. Santos







Marjorie P. Ablaza

Zenaida A. Alcantara, CPA

Julieta F. Atienza

Josephine B. Balana

Glenn C. Cruz

Adelaida L. De Jesus

Renato G. Dela Cruz

Marilyn J. Estrella

Marilou C. Ferrer

Bernardita A. Fernandez

Alma S. Ferreros

Angelita P. Gabriel

Josephine C. Herrera, CPA

Helen M. Jayalin

Normandy G. Jose

Antonio O. Lansangan

Teresita S. Pascua

Asuncion L. Pascual

Danilo N. Pilar, Ph.D.

Jerrilynn L. Pilar, DPA

Rosalina G. Sapungan

Engr. Raymond Joseph L. Salvador

Virginia B. Santos







Erlinda F. Borromeo

Merla G. Calma

Julita M. Carpio

William J. Chua

Salvador V. Cuadrato

Nenita L. Damian

Rolando B. De Leon

Ma. Evelyn R. Garcia

Leonila V. Gonzaga

Alex B. Guiwan

Evelyn A. Mabag

Cesar M. Mendoza, Jr.

Mary Jane D. Macapugas

Mercedita S. Muni

Laura D. Notarte

Lorna S. Pinpin

Maria Corazon B. Pilapil

Clarita R. Quiogue

Evangeline O. Reaño

Maricel S. Sabado

Josephine P. Sager

Luisito D. Santos

Delia E. Sarael

Romeo T. Tinasas

Reynaldo H. Vizcarra

Isabel M. Zara






Vivian C. Alcantara

Maricris D. Bautista

Ronaldo P. Bautista

Esmeralda D. Cortezo

Elena E. Ferrer

Noli S. Salvador

Nelson V. Union








Ma. Nanette D. Bernardo

Roque T. Cortezo

Ma. Francisca C. Daynolo

Joanna I. Esperanza

Cirilo O. Fernandez

Roberto E. Garcia

Ulysis L. Hernandez

Justinio C. Landicho

Imelda D. Manlangit

Mary Ann M. Nuñez

Annaliza N. Rebustes

Emmy R. Salvador

Gemma C. San Miguel

Marites S. Sanchez

Elvira J. Villacorta

Cynthia M. Yeban

Nelson D. Yeban, Jr.





Jan Michael C. Cundangan

Ma.Cecilia D. Dela Peña

Michael P. Llamas

Evangeline G. Magdaraog

Marilyn M. Mendoza

Ricky M. Orioque

Elenita C. Sanchez

Ferlinda M. Santiago

Noel S. Toledo