From April 25 to 27, 2012, representatives and validators of CODIS assessed SDCC’s performance using the PESOS PLUS instrument. They specifically sought to determine SDCC's performance using both the quantitative ratios (the financial indicators) and the qualitative measures (such as governance, risk management and compliance with laws and regulations).

The following are the representatives and validators of the CODIS Federation of Cooperatives:


1. Mr. Vitaliano N. Nañagas - PRESIDENT

2. Prof. Elenita S. Mantalaba, CPA - LEAD VALIDATOR

3. Ms. Loreta M. Paglinawan, CPA - CODIS VALIDATOR (PICPA)

4. Prof. Ireneo C. Delas Armas, Jr. - CODIS VALIDATOR (PUP-CCSD)

5. Prof. Alex L. Saclayan - CODIS VALIDATOR (PUP-CCSD)

6. Milagros O. Geyrozaga - CODIS VALIDATOR (LAMAC MPC)

7. Ms. Olivia M. Ventocilla - CODIS, ADMIN HEAD

8. Ms. Lourdes B. Navarro - CODIS, ADMIN ASST.

9. Mr. Arlan A. Cruz - CODIS, ADMIN ASST.

10. Mr. Mark John M. Jandog - CODIS, TRAINEE


During the closing ceremonies of the performance validation, the SDCC officers present were handed the CODIS SEAL OF PROTECTION. The federation will continuously monitor our performance and will always be on hand to give advice to ensure, among others, that our members’ savings deposits and time deposits are protected (initially up to Php 20,000.00). More than anything else, the CODIS seal is proof of a cooperative's sustainability and stability.


Drive, rather than complacency, is what will always sustain SDCC!