Chairperson's Day


   We are very glad to inform all members of SDCC that every Thursday, beginning July 2, 2011, is ”CHAIRPERSON’S DAY”, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. This was thought of as one way of building a continuing rapport between SDCC and the members.

   During the audience with the Chairperson, the members gets to share what is in his or her mind, whether this be a personal concern relating to his or her relationship with the coop, or a suggestion on where the coop can still improve on.

   We encourage all members of SDCC to visit the office of our Chairperson, Dr. Garibaldi O. Leonardo. He is at the coop almost everyday, but has particularly set aside the whole day of Thursday for meeting with individual members who may have something to bring up to the coop’s attention.

   Thank you for your continuing support and patronage of our services.