AMENDED “PRO-RATA” for Share Capital - Source: Board Resolution dated July 12, 2012

Pursuant to the Board Resolution adopted and confirmed by the Board of Directors of SAN DIONISIO CREDIT COOPERATIVE (SDCC) on August 16, 2012, the earlier Board Resolution dated July 12, 2012, was amended to the effect that a member-borrower can still avail of a loan even if he/she has not fully put up the required FIFTEEN THOUSAND PESOS as required earlier in the July 12, 2012 Board Resolution. A percentage share (“PRO-RATA”) of his/her existing Share Capital over the required minimum Share Capital of Php15,000.00, multiplied by the member’s approved credit limit will be the basis for determining the loanable amount of said member-borrower.

Thus, it was resolved, after getting the consensus of all the members of the Board of Directors, that the said new policy is to be implemented effective AUGUST 18, 2012.

It was resolved further, that said policy is applicable to new members as well as to old members who are “FIRST TIME BORROWERS”.

Said action was arrived at after a thorough study and subsequent consideration given by Management and the Board to the feedback of the members.

Copies of the Certificate of the Board Resolution have been furnished to all concerned for their information and guidance.