2nd Social Entrepreneurship Conference

        The 2nd Social Entrepreneurship Conference was held at The Center for Research and Communication of the University of Asia and the Pacific (CRC-UA&P) last October 17-18, 2013 with the theme “Cooperatives: A Vehicle for Inclusive Growth toward Integral Human Development”.

SDCC’s Chairperson, Dr. Garibaldi O. Leonardo was invited as one of the Cooperative Reactors. Other reactors were Mr. Leo Parma of AsiaPro Cooperative, Mr. Bienvenido Nito of School of Economics, Mr. Arnold Morfe of Dualtech and Mr. Anton Sayo of Buhay Community Development Foundation. The conference tackled discussions on how the social entrepreneurs can contribute to integral human development, addressed social program and growth in truly human values.

        It also aims to promote awareness of initiative toward inclusive growth through the community and social development in education, health, water, electricity and socialized housing.

        SDCC was one of the sponsors of the event.

        SDCC Directors Felipe L. Perida Jr, Alma S. Ferreros, Marjorie P. Ablaza and CEO, Cielito L. Garrido attended also the conference.